Bauer S21 X-LS Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • The Bauer X-LS Skates are specially designed for beginners, making learning to skate an enjoyable and fun-filled experience.
  • With an easy-to-balance 13ft runner, the skate offers balance and confidence to the novice skater.
  • The 3D Poly Carb boot and Tuuk LightSpeed Pro II Holder contribute to a stable and flexible fit, enhancing the comfort and ease of use.
  • Pre-sharpened for immediate use, the stainless steel runner is a time-saving feature for those eager to hit the ice.
3D Injection
Original Runners
Stainless Steel
LightSpeed Pro II
Boot Material
Poly Carb
30oz Felt
Heat Moldable


For anyone taking their first steps into the world of ice skating, the Bauer X-LS Skates are an excellent choice. These skates are perfectly crafted to make your ice-skating journey fun and enjoyable, offering immediate comfort right from the get-go.

The Bauer X-LS Skates feature an easy-to-balance 13ft runner. This unique design ensures beginners feel confident and stable on the ice. Learning to maintain balance is one of the critical steps when starting to skate, and this feature greatly aids in mastering it, boosting confidence and the overall enjoyment of the experience.

For comfort and flexibility, these skates are equipped with a 3D Poly Carb boot and a Tuuk LightSpeed Pro II Holder. The 3D Poly Carb boot offers additional flexibility, which is vital for casual or recreational players who need a more comfortable fit. The Tuuk LightSpeed Pro II Holder, with its durable and stable construction, matches the Edge counterpart, supporting easy and smooth movement on the ice.

One of the striking features of the X-LS skates is the pre-sharpened stainless steel runner. This standard sharpening hollow is ready to glide on the ice as soon as you unbox your skates, saving you the hassle of prepping before you can start your skating journey. This attention to detail makes these skates an excellent choice for beginners eager to get started.

In addition, the skates come with a traditional lacing system that allows you to adjust the fit as needed, ensuring your comfort throughout your skating session. The soft and comfortable microfiber liner further enhances this comfort, providing a snug feeling that will make you want to keep skating for hours.

Embrace the joy of ice skating with the Bauer X-LS Skates – your companion in your journey from being a beginner to becoming a confident and skilled skater.

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