Bauer Vapor S23 X5 PRO Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • Experience the Revolution: Welcome to the future of ice hockey with the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Skates. These are not just skates, they're your ticket to a whole new world of speed, precision, and comfort.
  • Masterful Construction: Built with an unrivaled attention to detail, these skates offer incredible durability with a lightweight 3D lasted CURV Composite quarter package. You'll feel the difference with every stride.
  • Unmatched Performance: Equipped with a pro stock 48oz felt tongue and the revolutionary powerfly blade holder, the Vapor X5 Pro is designed for those who dare to redefine their limits. Feel the power, stride with confidence.
  • Comfort Meets Cutting-Edge: Step into unparalleled comfort with lockfit footbed and hydrolite liner. These skates are not just built for performance but for endurance, making those long hours on the ice a breeze.


The Vapor X5 Pro skates are not just skates; they're an extension of you. They are designed to match the grace of your movements, making them the ultimate partner on the ice. The stiffer and more supportive material in the upper portion ensures that your feet are snug, while the increased flex and responsiveness in the lower part of the boot make your movements fluid, like poetry in motion.

The Powerfly Holder is a game-changer. It is what superhero stories are made of. With this upgrade, Bauer has truly pushed the boundaries of performance. Your takeoff acceleration will be through the roof and your side to side transitions will be swifter than ever. The rigid front post of the holder ensures that every bit of energy you put in is transferred to your stride, making you faster and more powerful. The hyperbolic stability bar adds to your balance and makes sure that your transitions are as quick as your reflexes.

The blade channel has undergone a transformation as well, with hyperbolic geometry now a part of its design. This doesn’t just make it look cool, it means that the steel integrates better with the holder, taking stress off during impacts. The new FLY-X steel, which comes with the junior skate, is like having wings on your feet. It’s compatible with the new Powerfly holder and the Lightspeed Edge holder. So, compatibility issues? None whatsoever.

Your feet deserve the best and that’s exactly what they get with the HydroLite Liner. The AeroFoam+ padding is like a cloud for your feet, while the liner itself manages moisture like a champ. No more sweaty feet causing discomfort. The material ensures that your foot remains locked in, safe and secure. The integration of comfort and performance in the Vapor X5 Pro skates is seamless.

Finally, let's talk about the Pro Stock tongue. It's not just a tongue, it's a shield. The 48oz felt tongue with an injected insert ensures that not only is the top of your foot protected, but it also bids adieu to lace-bite. The Lock-Fit footbed is the cherry on top, as it provides optimum comfort. You don’t have to be a pro to feel like one.

In conclusion, the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro skate is more than just a skate. It is an experience that caters not just to the elite but to anyone with a passion for the ice. With its host of features and the promise of performance, it is an investment in your dreams. Step into the future, lace up and take on the world.

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