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Hockey skates

As with any sport relying on the use of certain appropriate equipment, hockey depends on utilization of high-quality comfortable hockey skates. Although at first glance all models of hockey skates may look similar, in reality every one of them has its own characteristics and is tailored to suite different needs. online store offers hockey skates both for the beginners and professionals.

How do various skill level hockey skates differ?

  • Amateur Hockey Skates - To assist the learners in their first steps, these skates are made from softer materials that provide a higher level of comfort during skating, so they would be equally well suited for easy skating in the open. The boot also features the toe guards to protect the toes from the impact of the puck, but the rest of the foot stays unprotected. There are models available that can be easily adjusted and adapted to the wearers’ needs. Compared to the other types of skates, amateur ones are quite cheap, as they cost up to 100 euros.
  • Semi-professional Hockey Skates - These hockey skates are already a bit more expensive than the amateur ones: they cost 150-400 euros on average. The foot in the boot is better protected against the impact. Such skates feature tongues made of rigid materials. This is done not only to protect the upper foot and the ankle, but also to relieve the pressure exerted by the laces. The most expensive skates of this type can also come with the boots that allow heat molding to better adjust to the wearer's feet, providing a higher level of comfort.
  • Professional Hockey Skates - As the name suggests, these are suitable for the professional hockey players and therefore are characterized by the use of higher quality materials, lighter weight, higher level of protection and higher resistance to load. If you want to buy such skates from us, you have to take into consideration that the average price for the pair is 400 to 800 euros.

Important points to consider when choosing hockey skates offers a variety of Bauer and CCM hockey skates at special prices, but there are several important factors to consider when choosing the right model:

  • Blade material – This is one of the most important items, and unlike other types of skates, the hockey skate blade has a pronounced curve for easier running and skating on ice. On cheaper models of hockey skates, the blade is made of steel or carbon steel. If you want higher quality, consider other steel alloys for higher durability. Also pay attention to the amount of molecular oxygen in the blade material to determine its quality.
  • Skate Size - When purchasing hockey skates, make sure to double-check the sizes, as manufacturers' standards sometimes vary. Also pay attention to the width: letter C in the model description usually means the narrowest skates, D marks the skates with the standard width, followed by R and E, each one larger than the previous. The widest skates are marked EE (for the heavier users). Carefully read the product description and examine the sizing chart to select the most appropriate model.
  • Protection – Something you should never spare any expense on. Make sure you invest in the high quality ice hockey skates featuring high quality foot and leg protection integrated into the boots.
  • Comfort - It is important to choose the skates that do not limit the user’s freedom of movement, maneuverability and ability to stop. Ideally, hockey skates should be light and yet durable. You may also need to consider skates with extra moisture absorbing material inside the boot and moldable boots.