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Sports bags

Every sportsperson knows how important it is to take care of the gear, supplies and clothing properly. A high-quality sports bag becomes more than just a practical aid in the daily routine of travelling to and from the training sessions and games that simply allows you to haul your equipment in an easy compact manner; the bag protects its valuable contents from dirt, shocks and moisture. online store offers quality sports bags by Bauer, CCM, Jackson, Warrior and other world-renowned manufacturers.

Sports bags for various purposes

Our online store offers the following types of bags:

  • Wheeled bags - Spacious, high quality durable bags for storing and transporting hockey gear;
  • Laundry nets / bags - Compact bags for carrying soiled sports clothing separately from clean clothes and the rest of the kit;
  • Skate guards - Safe and practical solutions for storage and transportation of ice skates while avoiding the damage to the blades;
  • Hockey stick bags - For easy and convenient transportation of hockey sticks, recommended for the protection of the gear from the environment;
  • Helmet bags - Protection of the helmets from scratches, hits and other impacts when transporting to / from the trainings or games;
  • Skate bags - High quality bags for safe storage and transportation of the hockey's most important gear;
  • Bags for the accessories - Purchase a sports bag to carry around all the various accessories you use for your training and during your play;
  • Goalie bags – Sturdy modern sports bags for storage and transportation of goalie sticks;
  • Sports bag - a useful daily assistant for every athlete. A high-quality appropriately sized bag will allow you to gather all your training and competition gear: clothes, accessories, towels and other items you need for your sports activities in one compact and easy to handle package. All bags are made from durable materials that protect the contents from moisture, dirt and shocks. Multiple compartments help you organize your belongings so that everything is easy to find and access. The compartments are closed with durable high quality zippers. The bags feature both classic handles and shoulder straps for easy carrying.

Before making a purchase of a sports bag or any other item from, please take your time to make sure that you are choosing the best model and size that fits your needs.

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