Hockey Equipment shop

  • The long way to mastering any kind of sports begins with the first steps. Persistent, active and purposeful training will sooner or later bring the expected results, but one also needs the right sports equipment to reach the goals they want in hockey. At Hokeja Pasaule we've gathered everything that anyone, who wants to become an excellent hockey player or to reach ever higher goals, may need.The Hokeja Pasaule sports store offers high quality hockey gear as well as other sporting goods:Skates. Check out our wide assortment to find

  • hockey skates for adults and children, figure skates for women and girls, plus various skate accessories, including shoe laces, socks, blade covers, blades themselves and other accessories.Hockey Sticks. We offer high quality and durable hockey sticks for adults and children, including wooden sticks for large and small players, as well as a variety of accompanying accessories: tapes, handle grips, end plugs, blades, stick wax, pucks and balls. We also offer personalized custom sticks made to the players’ specifications.

  • Protective Hockey Equipment - Our extensive and varied assortment includes protectors for adults and children, including shoulder pads, elbow pads, leg guards, pants, gloves, helmets, cushions and other accessories such as neck and mouth guards. Bags - We offer a variety of bags for easy transportation of hockey gear: with and without wheels, goalie bags as well as accessory bags that are easy and convenient to use every day.Apparel - True sports fans need the right clothing. The hockey world offers a range

  • of summer clothes: caps, hats, jerseys, jackets, shirts and shorts; winter clothes: hats, jackets, tracksuits, pants, as well as other items: shoes, slippers, socks and clothing accessories.Accessories - For successful training and games you need the right accessories which you can also buy from us: training shirts and gaiters, hockey gear for the trainers, thermal underwear, referee clothing and guards, sharpening tools and various other accessories.For the Goalkeepers – The Hokeja Pasaule sports store has given a special

  • consideration how to prepare the goalkeepers for their drills and games. We are offering goalie skates, leg guards, catchers, kickers, helmets, blazers, pants, miscellaneous accessories as well as special goalie sticks. Inline Hockey - We offer the whole range of inline hockey products for children, youth and adults including the roller skates, protective clothing, skates accessories (such as wheels, bearings, chassis) and pucks.Our sports store offers hockey goods and other sports equipment from the world-renowned and trusted brands

  • such as Bauer, CCM, Blademaster, Jackson, Reebok, Howies, Warrior and others.We have given very careful consideration to creating the store offer, taking time to research the right equipment and accessories both for the beginners and professional hockey players as well as for the fans of the sport, because where we would be without our great, loud and energetic fans!If you have any questions regarding how to choose the right sports equipment suiting your needs, feel free to contact our knowledgeable and responsive team of experts, who will be happy to help you find what you need.