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Inline skates

Inline skates today are very popular and widely used leisure activity equipment not only for children and young people, but also for adults. For better results it is important to not only invest time and effort in training, but also to select the skates that are right for the user. If you are looking for your first pair or for the skates to continue following your passion, the inline skates section of the online shop offers you a wide and varied range of models suitable for skaters of all ages and levels of expertise. Here you will find inline roller skates from the world famous and trusted brands - Bauer, CCM and Mission.

How to choose the right pair of roller skates?

  • Who and how will be using them. Before making a purchase consider who will be using the roller skates and how, as this will determine the model that is best for you.

For example, children's roller skates are adjustable for size so that they could last several seasons. Consider investing in a pair that comes with an additional set of screws to provide added security when adjusting the size of the skates.

Fitness or leisure roller skates are often used by the beginners and by those who skate for pleasure. Such skates are stable, comfortable, lightweight, equipped with medium-sized wheels (diameter up to 90 mm).

The inline roller skates for extreme/aggressive skating are much more durable and are specially adapted to allow performing various tricks. Such models feature smaller diameter wheels (up to 60 mm), and the middle two anti-rocker wheels are even smaller. A hard and durable boot protects the skater’s foot from injuries.

The hockey roller skates are similar in appearance and design to the ice hockey skates, but instead of the blade they are fitted with a set of medium sized wheels (diameter up to 70 mm). Such skates are designed with easy maneuvering and quick movement in mind.

  • Size. When choosing roller skates for children, young people or adults, foremost attention should be paid to the size. Carefully study the size chart for each model as standard sizes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Like ice skates, roller skates come in different widths. The standard width is denoted by D, the narrowest skates are C and the widest are EE. Before you purchase roller skates, make sure to take accurate measurements to help determine the size of skates that suit your needs.
  • Price. Roller skates on online store are available at a wide range of prices starting from EUR 69 and up to EUR 499. If you are into recreational roller skating in your spare time on an amateur level, then the cheaper roller skates will do the job for you just fine, but please keep in mind that they may prove not to be as durable and lasting as the most expensive models. If you are a professional inline skater, you should choose higher quality roller skates and be prepared to spend a couple hundred euros on them.
  • Chassis quality. Roller skate chassis come in different sizes and are made of different materials, including aluminum alloys. The shorter the chassis, the easier it is to maneuver, while the longer chassis ensure a more stable movement and thus are suitable for longer journeys.
  • Wheel hardness. The choice of hardness depends on how, where and who is going to use the roller skates. The softer the wheels, the higher the comfort of the ride; however using harder wheels allows the skater to ride faster.
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