Bauer Vapor S23 X4 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • Skate Like a Pro with the lightest skates in performance! The Bauer Vapor X4 S23 lets you skate faster, work harder, and stay agile with minimal fatigue.
  • Indestructible Curv Composite provides pro-level support with cutting-edge materials – ready to withstand everything hockey throws at you!
  • Never Miss a Shift with the LIGHTSPEED EDGE Holder – the quick release trigger for fast steel replacement has the trust of 80% of NHL players.
  • Unbeatable Comfort and Performance with the Pro Stock Comfort Tongue and Comfort Edge – your feet will thank you!
Digi Comp
Sublimated with Comfort Edge
Boot material
Digi Comp
Original Runners
LS Balance
Removable Runner
LightSpeed EDGE
Pro Stock 40oz Felt with Liner
Heat Moldable


‌The Bauer Vapor X4 S23 hockey skates redefine performance and lightness. If you're someone who lives and breathes hockey, these skates are your dream come true. The goal with the X4 S23 was to make the lightest skate possible, and they nailed it. Having such light skates means you can work harder, skate faster, and end every game or practice with less fatigue. It's like giving your feet a pair of wings.

What makes these skates stand out is the Curv Composite material. This is the world's first self-reinforced, 100% thermoplastic composite material designed specifically for the brutal and beautiful game of hockey. It's not just tough; it's practically indestructible. It offers pro-level support and lightweight performance that will make you feel invincible on the ice.

Now, let's talk about the LIGHTSPEED EDGE Holder. This isn't just any holder; it's the holder that has been trusted by over 80% of NHL players for a decade. Imagine having that level of trust and performance at your feet. It features a quick release trigger that allows for fast steel replacement or service, meaning you never have to miss a shift. The game waits for no one, and with the LIGHTSPEED EDGE Holder, you won’t have to.

The LS PULSE SS STEEL BLADE is another phenomenal feature. The upgraded runner core gives players more stability on the ice. What does this mean for you? You can push your speed and acceleration to the limits, taking your game to levels you never thought possible.

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked. The Pro Stock Comfort Tongue is designed to provide a professional feel and performance without any extra weight. It's like skating on clouds that have been tailor-made for your feet. The Comfort Edge adds higher quality lining around the ankles, ensuring that your feet are cradled in comfort throughout the game.

Lastly, the Asymmetrical Toe Cap is designed to minimize the negative space between your boot and your toes. This ensures a snug fit and improves control over your skates, making every turn, stop, and sprint more efficient.

With the Bauer Vapor X4 S23 hockey skates, you're not just wearing skates; you're strapping on a masterpiece of technology and design engineered for peak performance.

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