CCM SuperTacks AS580 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • RocketFrame Composite One-Piece Boot: An elite design enhancing speed and fit while shedding weight; ideal for elite-level players aiming for peak performance.
  • Memory Foam Ankle Pads: Offers a snug, custom-like fit, contouring to the foot, enhancing both comfort and mobility for those intense in-game moments.
  • Seamless Comfort Collar Padding: Redefines comfort with its integrated design, eliminating ankle irritation, ensuring the utmost ease during high-paced matches; weight: 896 grams (Size 9).
  • PowerFlex Tendon Guard: Ensures maximum leg extension without compromise, amplifying those explosive strides. Suitable for elite-level players engaging in 2-4 times weekly play.
3D One-Piece
HD Microfiber
Boot material
RocketFrame Composite
Original Runners
SpeedBlade XS
7mm Reinforced, Replaceable Felt
Heat Moldable


RocketFrame Composite One-Piece Boot:
Unveiling the next generation of hockey skates, the RocketFrame Composite One-Piece Boot stands as the epitome of elite performance. Unlike the conventional two-piece designs, this one-piece marvel is lighter, better at energy transfer, and envelopes the foot for an unparalleled fit. For the serious hockey player who refuses to compromise on speed, this boot not only feels like an extension of the foot but acts like one too, ensuring every ounce of energy is translated directly onto the ice.

Adaptive Memory Foam Ankle Pads:
Every player's foot is unique, and the Memory Foam Ankle Pads recognize and respect that individuality. Instead of forcing your foot into a pre-defined shape, these upgraded pads closely hug the natural contours of your foot. The result? A custom-like fit that offers unyielding support without the painful break-in period. Dive into the action with the confidence that your skates are in tune with every twist, turn, and leap you make.

Seamless Comfort Collar Padding:
The age-old problem of ankle irritation is now a thing of the past. Introducing the Seamless Comfort Collar Padding, a revolutionary design seamlessly integrated into the liner. No longer do players have to choose between performance and comfort. Whether you're deep into an overtime period or just stepping onto the ice, you'll find the soft touch of the HD microfiber liner enhancing every moment, ensuring that your focus remains on the game, not on your gear.

PowerFlex Tendon Guard:
In the heated moments of the game, every stride counts. The PowerFlex Tendon Guard ensures that you make the most of each one. Specially designed with padding on the internal side, it supports maximum leg extension, amplifying your explosive strides and granting you the edge over your competitors. With every sprint, feel the synthesis of comfort and power, propelling you to new heights of performance.

Customizable & Sustainable Design:
Beyond performance, the CCM Tacks AS-580 Skates bring to the table a level of customization and sustainability previously unheard of. The SpeedBlade XS Tongue System offers a range of aftermarket tongues, allowing players to tweak weight and volume for optimal gameplay. 

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