Bauer Supreme S22 M5 PRO Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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  •   Elite Choice: The Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Skates are the ultimate selection for the advanced power skater seeking unrivaled performance, impeccable fit, and exceptional value. 
  •   Advanced Technologies: Equipped with cutting-edge features such as the Carbon Curv composite boot, Reflex Tendon Guard, Reflex Pro Tongue, and a choice of CarbonLite, Pulse Ti, and Pulse blades. 
  •   Superb Comfort and Fit: Internally, the skates offer a dual-zone Lock-Fit Liner for superior comfort and moisture management, complemented by lightweight, moldable AeroFoam+ ankle pads.  
  •   Excellent Foot-to-Ice Connection: A redesigned asymmetrical toe box ensures unparalleled comfort and an enhanced foot-to-ice connection by reducing internal volume.  
3D Lasted Two-Piece
Dual-Zone Lock Fit
Boot material
Carbon Curv Composite
Original Runners
LS Pulse SS
Removable Runner
LightSpeed EDGE
Pro Stock 40oz Felt with Liner
Heat Moldable


‌Designed with the passionate power skater in mind, the Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Skates blend performance, comfort, and value in a single sleek package. At the heart of these skates is the Carbon Curv composite boot, a feature previously exclusive to flagship models, now offered at a more accessible price point. This remarkable boot is lighter, provides improved energy transfer, and boasts superior heat molding capabilities, all combining to help you glide faster on the ice.

The Reflex Tendon Guard is a revolutionary feature that maximizes the range of motion. Its flexible yet sturdy design helps to harness the full power of every stride, enabling you to push your speed to the limit.

In perfect synergy with the Reflex Tendon Guard, the M5 Pro's Reflex Pro Tongue boasts a pro-level thickness and foam reinforcement, providing excellent protection and comfort. Unlike traditional designs, which can hinder your skating stride, the Reflex Pro Tongue is non-restrictive, ensuring smooth, uninhibited movement.

Inside these skates, the dual-zone Lock-Fit Liner offers superior moisture management and overall comfort, making those long hours on the ice a breeze. Resting on this liner are the lightweight and easily formable AeroFoam+ ankle pads, providing an amazing feel straight out of the box.

Finally, the redesigned asymmetrical toe box has been meticulously fine-tuned to offer maximum comfort while maintaining the signature foot-to-ice connection. By reducing the internal volume, these skates ensure a responsive, snug fit, making you feel more in sync with your movements on the ice.

In conclusion, the Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Skates are a testament to Bauer's commitment to delivering high-quality products. They provide a premium skating experience that any power skater would be proud to own.

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