Bauer Supreme S23 M3 Junior Ice Hockey Shin Guards

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Bauer Shin Guard Size
Under Skate Tongue* (cm)
Over Skate Tongue* (cm)
Height (cm)
Youth 8" 25.5 28 91 - 107
9" 28 31 104 - 119
10" 31 33.5 117 - 135
Junior 11" 33.5 36 127 - 142
12" 36 38.5 140 - 150
Intermediate 13" 38.5 41 147 - 165
14" 41 43.5 165 - 175
Senior 15" 43.5 46 170 - 180
16" 46 48.5 175 - 185
17" 48.5 51.5 180 - 195
 18''  51.5+    


*Under Skate Tongue Measurement:
Sitting at a 90-degree angle with skates on your feet, measure from the center of your kneecap to the center of the outer ankle. Correspond this measurement with the Under Skate Tongue column below. This style provides a lighter, lower-profile, and snug fit suited for quick, agile players.

*Over Skate Tongue Measurement:
Simply add 1" to the Under Skate Tongue Measurement from above. Correspond this measurement with the Over Skate Tongue column below. This offers more coverage and a bulkier profile, better suited for defensemen and shot-blocking forwards.

Ensure that the knee sits directly in the center of the padded knee cup. This will ensure the knee pads align correctly with the knee cap.

If the shin pad is too small, the strapping may restrict circulation and also leave exposed areas to slashes and other impacts. If the shin pad is too large, protection will be compromised by the shin pad moving up and down, or rotating away from the knee cap and shin.

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.


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  • Optimal Mobility: The all-new 2023 Bauer Supreme Shin Guards are tailored for players desiring gear that fits close, maximizing movement. Suited for players at all levels, from beginners to weekly enthusiasts.
  • X-Flex Shield Shin Cap: An unparalleled upgrade ensuring flexibility where the shin guard meets the skate, promoting an unrestricted skating stride.
  • Enhanced Protection: Featuring HD foam and molded PE insert, these shin guards offer top-tier defense against blocked shots and slashes, ideal for players hitting the ice 2-4 times a week.
  • Thermo Max Lining: Ensures your Shin Guards remain lightweight during play and accelerates drying between on-ice sessions. No specific weight provided.
Anatomical, X-Flex Shield Shin Cap, flexible construction with HD foam
Thermo Max
Knee Cap
ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap provides deeper fit
Strapping System
Comfort lock strap and calf strap keep the protection stable


The Bauer Supreme Shin Guards are not just any protective equipment; they're an extension of the player. Tailored for those who prefer gear that adheres closely to the body, they maximize optimal mobility on the ice. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these shin guards offer unparalleled freedom of movement, ensuring each stride is more powerful than the last.

The Cutting-Edge X-Flex Shield Shin Cap

At the heart of these Shin Guards is the X-Flex Shield Shin Cap, a revolutionary feature that sets it apart from the competition. This hinged flex design allows for a natural, unobstructed movement where the shin guard aligns with the skate's tongue. Engineered meticulously, it's designed to move harmoniously with you, ensuring every moment on the ice is fluid and unrestricted.

Protection That Matches Intensity

No compromise on safety. The Bauer Supreme Shin Guards come embedded with HD foam in the knee wing and thigh protector, offering solid coverage at the top. The calf guard, molded with PE, serves as a formidable shield against blocked shots and slashes, giving players the confidence to face any challenge on the rink. This unmatched protection is essential for those who are on the ice multiple times a week, ensuring consistent performance.

Customized Fit for All

Every player is unique, and so is their style. Recognizing this, the Shin Guards offer an anatomical design that ensures an enhanced, close-to-the-body fit. Together with the ErgoDynamic Lab kneecap, it promotes power with every movement. Additionally, with the Comfort Lock strap and calf strap, the shin guards secure firmly to your legs, maximizing both protection and performance benefits.

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