Bauer Supreme S23 MACH Junior Ice Hockey Shin Guards

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Curv Composite, HD Foam, X-Flex Shield Shin Cap
Thermo Core Zero
Knee Cap
ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap provides deeper fit
Strapping System
Comfort lock strap and calf strap keep the protection stable


The Bauer Supreme MACH Shin Guards are a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sports gear technology. Engineered with the keen-eyed attention to detail and raw passion for the game, they redefine what top-tier equipment looks and feels like.

The centerpiece of this design is the X-Flex Shield shin cap. Not only does it provide stellar protection against even the hardest of puck shots, but its hinged flex design ensures that players can make those critical skating strides without feeling restricted. This innovative design, coupled with the state-of-the-art CURV Composite calf guard, brings a blend of protection and mobility that's truly in a class of its own.

Beyond the surface-level protection, it's the nuances that set the Bauer Supreme MACH Shin Guards apart. The ErgoDynamic Lab kneecap provides a deeper fit, guaranteeing the shin guards move as an extension of the player. With memory foam in the kneecap's donut hole, impact absorption is efficiently channeled away from sensitive joints, letting players dive into the game without second thoughts.

Inside, we have the Thermo Core Zero liner, a masterclass in comfort. It seamlessly wicks moisture, ensuring the shin guards remain as light as when the game began. Merged with a removable comfort liner that boasts molded air channels and Skate Zone technology, players experience unparalleled comfort and protection throughout those grueling matches.

Lastly, no top-end shin guard would be complete without a reliable strapping system. The Bauer Supreme MACH Shin Guards use a Comfort Lock strap at the top and a wide calf strap at the bottom. This guarantees that the shin guard remains fixed in place, providing maximum protection while allowing players to focus entirely on their game. Dive into the future of hockey protection; make the Bauer Supreme MACH Shin Guards your own.

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