Bauer S21 X Youth Ice Hockey Shin Guards

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Bauer Shin Guard Size
Under Skate Tongue* (cm)
Over Skate Tongue* (cm)
Height (cm)
Youth 8" 25.5 28 91 - 107
9" 28 31 104 - 119
10" 31 33.5 117 - 135
Junior 11" 33.5 36 127 - 142
12" 36 38.5 140 - 150
Intermediate 13" 38.5 41 147 - 165
14" 41 43.5 165 - 175
Senior 15" 43.5 46 170 - 180
16" 46 48.5 175 - 185
17" 48.5 51.5 180 - 195
 18''  51.5+    


*Under Skate Tongue Measurement:
Sitting at a 90-degree angle with skates on your feet, measure from the center of your kneecap to the center of the outer ankle. Correspond this measurement with the Under Skate Tongue column below. This style provides a lighter, lower-profile, and snug fit suited for quick, agile players.

*Over Skate Tongue Measurement:
Simply add 1" to the Under Skate Tongue Measurement from above. Correspond this measurement with the Over Skate Tongue column below. This offers more coverage and a bulkier profile, better suited for defensemen and shot-blocking forwards.

Ensure that the knee sits directly in the center of the padded knee cup. This will ensure the knee pads align correctly with the knee cap.

If the shin pad is too small, the strapping may restrict circulation and also leave exposed areas to slashes and other impacts. If the shin pad is too large, protection will be compromised by the shin pad moving up and down, or rotating away from the knee cap and shin.

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.


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  • ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap: Achieves an unparalleled deep fit, ensuring maximum comfort and stability, ideal for beginner to intermediate players, suited for 1-3 times a week play.
  • Full calf coverage: Utilizes a thick molded foam paired with a hydrophobic mesh liner, guaranteeing sweat resistance and superior moisture management.
  • Anchor strap system: Efficiently secures the shin guard to your leg, ensuring that protective features remain intact and offer optimal safety during intense gameplay.
  • Competitive Price Point: Exceptional protection and comfort for recreational or beginner players without the high-end price tag.
New injected shin cap, MD foam in the knee wing
Sublimated Hydrophobic Mesh
Knee Cap
ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap provides deeper fit
Strapping System
Dual Anchor straps


Elevate your game with the Shin Guards, designed with an emphasis on the passion and thrill of ice hockey. Engineered with a unique ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap, these shin guards are a testament to cutting-edge technology. This innovative feature ensures an incomparable deep fit that translates to incredible comfort and unyielding stability. Whether you're a beginner stepping onto the ice for the first time or an intermediate player looking to up your game, these shin guards will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay experience.

Your performance on the ice is directly influenced by how protected you feel, and with our full calf coverage, feel confident in every stride. This design advantage employs a blend of thick molded foam, which provides a robust shield against impacts. Moreover, the integrated hydrophobic mesh liner aids in effective sweat resistance, ensuring superior moisture management. This smart incorporation not only maximizes comfort but also maintains optimal hygiene, letting you focus solely on your game.

It's paramount for equipment to stay in place during intense matches, and our anchor strap system guarantees just that. This meticulously crafted system proficiently secures the shin guard to your leg, ensuring that the protective features are always in optimal position. Safety is paramount in a game as dynamic as ice hockey, and with this innovative strapping system, you're guaranteed protection that remains unwavering through every twist, turn, and tackle.

As players, we understand the need for equipment to be reliable and durable. Our Shin Guards are sculpted from advanced materials that are resilient and long-lasting. But what sets them apart is the integration of the MD foam in the knee wing and thigh protector. This high-density foam is renowned for its shock-absorbing properties, making it an indispensable component. Every time you wear our shin guards, you're not just gearing up for a game, but you're also investing in an armor built for champions.

Our commitment to quality doesn't come at the cost of affordability. The Shin Guards offer unmatched protection, advanced design, and unparalleled comfort without the high-end price tag. They serve as the perfect gear for recreational or beginner players who prioritize both protection and budget. In the competitive world of ice hockey equipment, our product shines bright as a beacon of quality and affordability, solidifying our brand's reputation as a frontrunner in the market.

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