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  • Unparalleled Visibility: Merges the breathability of a wire cage and the crystal-clear sight of a shield.
  • Enhanced View: Boosted peripheral vision ensures players never miss a move on the ice.
  • Durable Protection: Constructed with high-impact, polycarbonate material to withstand intense gameplay.
  • Optimal Airflow: Featuring strategic vent locations and a floating chin-cup for unmatched comfort and breathability.


Experience the game like never before with the Bauer HYBRID SHIELD Visor. Engineered to combine the best of both worlds, it brings together the airflow of a wire cage with the impeccable clarity of a shield. This unique combination ensures that players have unobstructed vision and remain comfortable, even during the most intense moments of a match.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Peripheral Vision

The ice rink is a dynamic environment, and players need to be aware of every move, every pass, and every shot. With the Bauer HYBRID SHIELD Visor, athletes gain the advantage of enhanced peripheral vision. This advanced feature ensures that players are always one step ahead, anticipating plays and responding faster than the competition.

Superior Durability with High-Impact Polycarbonate

The Bauer HYBRID SHIELD Visor isn't just about clarity; it's about protection. Crafted using high-impact polycarbonate material, this visor offers robust protection against flying pucks, sticks, and collisions. Players can stay confident, knowing they have a shield that's built to last and protect.

Stay Fog-Free with Advanced Coating

Nothing impedes performance like a fogged-up visor. To ensure players have a clear line of sight in all conditions, the Bauer HYBRID SHIELD Visor comes equipped with an improved anti-fog coating. This technology keeps the visor clear, ensuring players stay focused on the game and not on adjusting their gear.

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