Visor HEJDUK MH500

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  • Ultra-clear view: 9CM high HEJDUK MH500 Visor crafted from optically perfect, highly resistant polycarbonate ensures unparalleled optical purity.
  • Durability and protection: Equipped with anti-scratch and antifog coatings to withstand the most rigorous conditions.
  • User-friendly maintenance: Maintain its pristine condition with the included Hejduk green emulsion and follow the provided instruction manual.
  • Universal compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly with all types of ice hockey helmets, making it a versatile choice for every player.


Experience clarity like never before with the HEJDUK MH500 Visor. For the dedicated player who knows that every split second counts, having an unobstructed, clear vision is paramount. This visor ensures that your line of sight is always crystal clear, thanks to its optically perfect form. Made from highly resistant polycarbonate, this visor promises both superior durability and unmatched optical purity.

Protection is a priority in any high-intensity sport. With the anti-scratch coating, players can be assured that their visor remains unblemished and free from annoying marks, even in the toughest of skirmishes. Further enhancing the visor's utility is the anti-fog coating. No more pausing in the middle of the game to wipe off condensation; with the HEJDUK MH500, your view remains unclouded regardless of the temperature or level of exertion.

Standing at a substantial 9CM in height (approx. 3.54 inches), the visor offers ample coverage, ensuring your face remains protected without compromising on vision. Its impressive dimensions ensure a comprehensive field of view, allowing you to keep your eyes on the puck, opponents, and teammates at all times.

Compatibility can often be a concern when purchasing hockey equipment. However, the HEJDUK MH500 Visor removes any doubt. It has been meticulously designed to be compatible with all types of ice hockey helmets. This universal fit ensures you don't have to compromise on protection or style, regardless of your helmet brand.

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