Visor HEJDUK MH600

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  • High-Performance Design: Precision-crafted, equally convex Hejduk MH600 Visor elevates your game instantly.
  • Optimal Height for Maximum Vision: Standing at 7CM (or approximately 2.75 inches), this visor height ensures unobstructed vision on the ice.
  • Unparalleled Optical Clarity: Constructed from highly resistant polycarbonate, ensuring optical purity for uninterrupted play.
  • Advanced Protection: Features both Antifog and Antiscratch protective layers to maintain a clear view and long-lasting use.
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly fits all types of ice hockey helmets. Fully CE certified for utmost assurance.


Harness the passion of the game with our HEJDUK MH600 Visor. Uniquely designed for serious players, this visor promises not just protection but a boost to your performance. The equally convex design delivers an unmatched field of vision, allowing players to anticipate moves, strategize, and execute with utmost precision.

The material choice speaks volumes about the quality we offer. Crafted from a resilient polycarbonate in optically perfect form, this visor promises unparalleled optical clarity. Gone are the days of blurred vision and misjudged shots. With the Hejduk MH600 Visor, every moment on the ice is clear and unhindered.

Safety and maintenance are paramount in high-performance equipment. The dual protective layers against fogging (Antifog) and scratching (Antiscratch) are testimony to our commitment. Regardless of the intensity of the game or external weather conditions, your visor remains clear and scratch-free, ensuring longevity and consistent peak performance.

Maintenance is as elite as the product itself. The visor comes with a specialized Hejduk green emulsion for cleaning, ensuring the protective layers remain active and effective. Plus, the package includes everything you'd need for assembly - spacers, cleaning emulsion, and a cloth.

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