Warrior Swagger PRO2 Intermediate Goalie Stick

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  • High-end Pro level stick now available for retail, showcasing the best of Warrior Sports technology.
  • Crafted at the esteemed Finland Pro factory, guaranteeing unrivaled attention to detail and premium quality.
  • Lightweight design achieved through innovative urethane RIM core molding, perfect for elite-level players training multiple times a week.
  • Enhanced durability with ABS tough strip face, ensuring the stick can endure the intensity of high-level hockey.


The Warrior Swagger PRO2 Goalie Stick isn’t just another piece of hockey equipment. It’s a testament to Warrior Sports' commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of ice hockey.

Firstly, the PRO2 series signifies the epitome of excellence. Born in the esteemed Finland Pro factory, every single stick is a testament to unmatched craftsmanship and quality. Here, the attention to detail isn't just a phrase, but a practiced norm, ensuring that the Goalie Stick isn't merely an accessory, but an extension of the player.

However, brilliance isn't just confined to its creation. The Warrior Swagger PRO2 stands out in its lightweight design, vital for goalies making those split-second, game-saving decisions. The stick's balance, an often overlooked but critical aspect, has been perfected using the innovative urethane RIM core molded paddle and blade. For elite players training rigorously multiple times a week, this balance is paramount to optimal performance.

Then comes durability – a non-negotiable for every player. The Warrior Swagger PRO2 doesn’t just promise durability; it embodies it. Thanks to the ABS tough strip face and heel insert, this Goalie Stick is fortified to withstand wear and tear against the hardest shots, ensuring its longevity even in the most intense games.

Lastly, while performance and durability are vital, aesthetics are essential too. With a clean, professional paint job, the Warrior Swagger PRO2 effortlessly marries form with function. It's not just a tool; it's a statement, ensuring you not only play the best but also look the part.

In the ever-evolving world of ice hockey, the Warrior Swagger PRO2 Goalie Stick establishes itself as a game-changer, offering players the unmatched blend of design, durability, and dynamic performance.

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