CCM Extreme Flex 1060 Senior Goalie Stick

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  • Exceptional Feel & Control: Full graphite blade ensures every shot and pass is precisely executed.
  • Lightweight & Durable: Foam core paddle with fiberglass lamination is designed for maximum endurance without compromising on weight.
  • Ultimate Handle Grip: Aspen core handle reinforced with fiberglass laminates offers optimum stick handling and puck control.
  • Advanced Design for Serious Players: Suitable for elite level players, hitting the rink 5-7 times a week.
Extreme Flex
Aspen wood, Ffiberglass, Carbon Laminates
Features and Technology
Full Graphite blade, Foam Core Paddle, Aspen Core with Fiberglass laminates


The CCM Extreme Flex 1060 Goalie Stick is not just another piece of equipment; it's the embodiment of hockey excellence. Crafted meticulously, the stick boasts a full graphite blade, an epitome of exceptional feel and control. The design ensures that players can focus on the puck, making each shot, pass, and block with the precision and finesse that the sport demands. For the passionate player, this stick guarantees a connection with the puck like no other, driving your game to unparalleled heights.

Weight matters in the game of ice hockey. Too heavy, and your responsiveness dwindles; too light, and durability is compromised. The CCM Extreme Flex 1060 Goalie Stick strikes the perfect balance with its foam core paddle. Enveloped in fiberglass lamination, it maintains an airy feel without compromising on strength. Each movement, each block, is fluid, seamless, and powerful, ensuring that the goalie remains an impenetrable force on the ice.

The handle of the CCM Extreme Flex 1060 Goalie Stick is nothing short of a marvel. Made of a resilient Aspen core, and strengthened further with fiberglass laminates, it offers players an unparalleled grip and control. A goalie's handle is their anchor, their link to the game's ebb and flow. With this stick, goalies can trust in their equipment's reliability, allowing them to focus on blocking every attempt at their net with confidence.

Designed for the game's most passionate and dedicated, this Goalie Stick is ideal for those who live and breathe hockey. It's specifically crafted for elite players, those who find themselves on the rink multiple times a week, challenging themselves, refining their skills, and pushing the boundaries of their performance. When you hold the CCM Extreme Flex 1060 in your hands, you're not just holding a stick; you're holding a promise of unmatched performance.

In the world of ice hockey equipment, the CCM Extreme Flex 1060 Goalie Stick stands out, not merely because of its advanced technology and materials but because of the promise it carries. It assures potential customers of an investment in top-tier equipment that will not only endure the test of time but will elevate their game, shot by shot, save by save. Choose the CCM Extreme Flex 1060, and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

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