Warrior Swagger SE MID Intermediate Goalie Stick

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  • Exclusively crafted in Finland, the Warrior Swagger SE Goalie Stick embodies the pinnacle of ice hockey equipment excellence, perfect for professional-level players aiming for unmatched performance.
  • Boasting a High Performance Pro Foam Core, this stick ensures maximum power transfer, precise control, and longevity, making it an ideal choice for players training multiple times a week.
  • Experience unparalleled puck handling with the Pro Balanced Urethane RIM Core molded Paddle and Blade, offering the optimal puck feel, balanced weight, and consistent performance every time.
  • The stick's Birch/Aspen Construction coupled with a Glass Laminated Face offers unbeatable durability and resilience, ensuring your game remains sharp and powerful, no matter the intensity.
Birch and Aspen wood, Glass Lam Face
Features and Technology
High Performance Pro Foam Core Stick, Pro Balanced stick with urethane RIM core, ABS tough strip face


The Warrior Swagger SE Goalie Stick is not just any hockey equipment; it is a testament to innovation, precision, and passion, designed specifically for those who seek nothing but the best. Every inch of this stick speaks of dedication to the sport and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Crafted with precision in Finland, a country renowned for its ice hockey prowess, this stick has been meticulously designed to deliver unmatched performance on the ice. The authenticity of Finnish craftsmanship guarantees a product built with genuine passion and a deep understanding of the game's nuances.

At the heart of its unmatched performance is the High Performance Pro Foam Core. This core is engineered for elite players who train rigorously, ensuring maximum energy transfer, powerful shots, and enhanced puck control. It is this core that gives the Warrior Swagger SE Goalie Stick its signature balance and weight, making it a favorite amongst professionals.

Moreover, the Pro Balanced Urethane RIM Core molded into the Paddle and Blade is a game-changer. This innovation offers players an exceptional puck feel, enabling precise handling and impeccable shots, elevating their game to unparalleled heights. This feature alone sets the Warrior Swagger SE Goalie Stick leagues apart from its competition.

Lastly, durability is at the core of this masterpiece. The Birch/Aspen Construction combined with a Glass Laminated Face ensures that the stick remains in prime condition, game after game. This blend of materials ensures that players can trust their Warrior Swagger SE Goalie Stick to stand by them, delivering peak performance every time they step onto the ice.

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