Warrior QRE 50 Silver Intermediate Ice Hockey Stick

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  • IEDGE TAPER: A revolutionary angular edge taper magnifies power and accelerates the quick release, transforming every shot into a potential goal.
  • MINIMUS CARBON: This flat weave carbon design assures players of unmatched feel, irrespective of the game's pace. Ideal for advanced to professional level players engaging 1-3 times a week.
  • SHADOW FEEL: Experience the thrill of the most well-balanced Ice Hockey Stick ever built, enhancing control and responsiveness during high-intensity matches.
  • GRIP: Secure your gameplay with a tacky soft grip feel that firmly locks your hands, ensuring peak control for every faceoff, pass, and shot.


The Art of Power: IEDGE TAPER Technology

Unleashing power is an art, and our Ice Hockey Stick is your canvas. At its core lies the IEDGE TAPER – an innovative angular edge taper that doesn't just flex; it magnifies. Every strike, every shot, every move is supercharged, ensuring that energy isn't just transferred but amplified. It's not about playing the game; it's about dominating it. Whether you're aiming for the corners or powering through a slapshot, this technology ensures your play is always a step ahead.

Elevate Your Touch: MINIMUS CARBON Design

The essence of a great Ice Hockey Stick lies in its feel, and that's where the MINIMUS CARBON design comes into play. Crafted using a unique flat weave carbon design, players can expect an unparalleled tactile experience. Every dribble, every pass, and every defensive play feels instinctive, allowing the player to focus less on the stick and more on the strategy. Light in weight yet strong in performance, it's designed for those who play 1-3 times a week, ensuring durability and precision with every move.

Mastering Balance: The SHADOW FEEL Construction

Balance is not just a feature; it's a game-changer. The SHADOW FEEL construction introduces players to an Ice Hockey Stick that feels like an extension of their arm. It's not just about weight distribution; it's about harmonizing control and response. The result? An unparalleled stick experience that complements your style, elevates your game, and keeps you always ready for the unexpected. Dive into the thrill of hockey, knowing you hold the most well-balanced stick ever crafted.

Maximized Control: The Ultimate GRIP

In the high-speed, adrenaline-pumping world of ice hockey, control can make all the difference. Our Ice Hockey Stick boasts a tacky soft grip feel, ensuring your hands remain locked in position even during the most aggressive plays. Experience enhanced hand control, reduced slippage, and the confidence to make those split-second decisions that can turn the tide in any game. It's not just a grip; it's a game advantage.

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