RocketGrip FABRICGRIP Camo Hockey Stick Grip

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  • Advanced Material Composition: Ensures no damage to gloves unlike traditional hockey tapes – say goodbye to sticky glue residues.
  • Unparalleled Stability: RocketGrip FABRICGRIP offers a locked-in, rigid sensation, enhancing every shot's precision.
  • Durable and Reliable: Remains steadfast until your stick breaks, ensuring consistent shot placement.
  • Sleek and Clean Design: Experience a wrinkle-free grip, making your game both smooth and comfortable.


The game of hockey demands precision, control, and power – attributes that the RocketGrip FABRICGRIP Hockey Stick Grip promises to amplify. Every player knows the importance of a firm grasp on their stick, but not every grip offers the performance enhancements that RocketGrip FABRICGRIP does. Let's dive deep into what sets this product apart.

Elevated Craftsmanship: At the heart of RocketGrip FABRICGRIP lies its innovative material composition. Traditional tapes can leave residues, leading to premature wear on gloves. Our advanced materials eliminate this concern entirely. The result? An environment-friendly grip that promises longevity not just for itself, but also for your gloves. And with the added bonus of being recyclable, it’s a win for both players and the planet.

Precision in Every Shot: A loose grip can be a player's worst enemy, often leading to misdirected shots. The RocketGrip FABRICGRIP changes the game by offering unmatched stability. Its design provides a locked-in, rigid sensation, bolstering player confidence. When you have a grip that doesn't shift, every shot becomes a potential game-winner.

Built for Endurance: In the high-intensity world of hockey, equipment undergoes significant wear and tear. The RocketGrip FABRICGRIP stands out with its promise of lasting till your stick does. It stays perfectly positioned, ensuring you can focus on the game without worrying about frequent readjustments or replacements.

Aesthetic and Functional: Beyond its performance features, RocketGrip FABRICGRIP takes pride in its sleek design. No player wants to deal with wrinkled or messy grips. This product ensures a smooth and comfortable game experience. Its clean, wrinkle-free design not only looks professional but also aids in superior play.

For Every Hockey Enthusiast: Whether you're an amateur or aspiring to be the next star, RocketGrip FABRICGRIP is for everyone who shares the love for hockey. If you have a stick, RocketGrip FABRICGRIP will fit. It’s not just about elevating your gameplay; it's about joining a community of over 1.4 million players who are passionate about the sport and improving with every shot.

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