CCM TACKS AS-V PRO VP Senior Ice Hockey Pants

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CCM Pants Size Waist Circumference (cm) Height (cm)
Youth S 51 - 55 102 - 109
M 53 - 57 109 - 117
L 56 - 60 117 - 127
Junior S 58 - 64 127 - 137
M 62 - 72 137 - 147
L 69 - 81 147 - 157
Senior S 76 - 86  157 - 168
M 79 - 89 168 - 178
L 86 - 99 178 - 188
XL 95 - 107 183+
XXL 107 - 120 183+




CCM Pants Size Waist Circumference (cm) Height (cm)
Junior S 52 - 66 127 - 137
M 56 - 70 137 - 149
L 60 -74 149 - 162
Senior S 62 - 74 157 - 172
M 72 - 83 163 - 177
L 80 - 95 167 - 186
XL 90 - 105 167 - 186+

Sizing Guide:
Measure the circumference of your waist just above the hips. Correspond this measurement to the sizing chart and cross-reference your height. You may overlap between hockey pant sizes, which in this case comes down to personal preference. The smaller size will fit closer to the body while the larger size will offer more volume and coverage.

NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.


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  • Unleash your potential with the all-new CCM Tacks AS-V Pro hockey pants, engineered for supreme protection and unparalleled mobility. They're not just pants, they're your battle armor!
  • Experience unmatched comfort and fit thanks to the unique anatomical shield design coupled with Flex Motion technology. It moves with you, making it a seamless extension of your body.
  • D3O Aero smart material throughout the pants guarantees outstanding protection. It absorbs and dissipates impact energy, meaning the harder the hit, the stronger the protection. It's smart protection at its finest!
  • Premium 400D Nylon shell ensures lightweight durability while reinforcement on the side panels maximizes wear resistance. This is where superior technology meets excellent craftsmanship.
New anatomical shield design construction coupled with Flex Motion technology for a better fit and more comfortable pant
Spine Guards
Molded Foam, D30, Standard Foam
Hip Guards
JDP Caps, D30 Lite, Soft Foam
Laminated Waist, Polyester Interior
Suspender buttons
Zippered 1"
Leg zipper
400D with Reinforcement, Mesh Front and Rear Panels


Introducing the next level of hockey gear, the CCM Tacks AS-V Pro hockey pants. These are not just a pair of pants; they are meticulously designed and crafted to equip the elite player with maximum protection and unparalleled mobility. The game of hockey is fast, intense, and highly physical. You need gear that not only withstands the intensity of the game but also helps you rise above it.

The core strength of the AS-V Pro pants lies in its unique anatomical shield design and Flex Motion technology. This innovative design ensures a better fit and makes these pants much more comfortable than traditional hockey pants. Coupled with Flex Motion technology, the pants move with you, providing a fit that is as unique as you are. They’re not just worn; they’re experienced.

At the heart of these pants is the D3O Aero smart material, strategically placed to get the most out of this advanced material. It works by using a distinctive molecular structure, allowing molecules to flow freely under normal conditions, giving the material a soft and flexible feel. However, during impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate the impact energy. This means that the stronger the hit, the more protection it offers - the ultimate guardian in the game.

Additional protective features are embedded throughout the pants. The molded PE cap and floating molded HD foam thigh guards offer pro-level protection for the kidneys and thighs. These floating caps move with you as you skate, providing constant protection and acting as a natural extension of your body. Protection has never been this comprehensive or comfortable.

Lastly, the pants incorporate a pro cut premium 400D Nylon shell. This material ensures a lightweight and optimized wear resistance, perfect for the rough and tumble world of hockey. It also includes reinforcement on the side panels for added durability, particularly in high-wear areas. For an improved fit, CCM’s internal belting system allows for ultimate adjustability, including a stabilized belly pad and a length adjusting zipper. It's more than a pair of pants; it's your second skin on the ice.

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