CCM TACKS 4R PRO Junior Ice Hockey Gloves

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The CCM Tacks 4R Pro2 Glove is a masterstroke of elite performance and comfort. This high-grade glove levels up your game with a perfect blend of modern protection and traditional style. Made to cater to professional athletes, it's finely balanced with a relaxed fit profile - from the fingers, through the backhand, and up to the cuff. Weighing in at just 292 grams for the 14" size, the glove assures swift, unencumbered movement, crucial for those split-second decisions on the ice. Its elegant design is available in various sizes and striking color combinations, allowing you to select the perfect glove that matches your style and preferences.

Employing advanced D30 Smart Foam, the glove's backhand presents a revolutionary level of safety. D30 is CCM's most advanced and protective material, remarkably soft and pliable in its natural state, but quick to harden and absorb impact energy during gameplay. This smart material effectively shields your hand from all types of hockey-related impacts, allowing you to focus purely on your performance.

Integral to the glove is the innovative Polygiene technology. With this unique feature, the growth of odor-causing bacteria is significantly reduced. This is achieved by integrating Polygiene directly into the liner, resulting in a hockey glove that remains smelling fresh even after intense games. This technology ensures you maintain your comfort and focus, without worrying about the common unpleasant odors associated with high-performance equipment.

Crafted with a pro-preferred nash palm, the 4R Pro2 glove ensures a superior connection between your hands and your hockey stick. This feature provides an unparalleled feel for your stick, enhancing your control and grip, thereby elevating your gameplay. With the nash reinforcement, the palm also boasts superior durability and comfort, ensuring that your glove stands up to the rigors of elite-level play.

Lastly, we have prioritized flexibility and mobility with a segmented flexcuff with PE inserts. This open segmented cuff design grants major freedom of movement, ensuring unhindered wrist action for powerful shots and precision passes. 

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