CCM Senior Black 10cm Stick End Plug

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Unparalleled Performance with the CCM Senior Black Stick End Plug: Experience the game-changer with the CCM Senior Black Stick End Plug. Perfectly designed to snugly fit Senior Sticks from the legendary CCM Jetspeed, Tacks, and Ribcor families, this end plug epitomizes CCM’s unwavering dedication to unparalleled quality and performance. When precision matters in the intense game of hockey, adding an extra 4 inches (10 cm) without altering the stick's original weight or balance is an achievement in innovation.

Crafted from Advanced Materials: The Stick End Plug stands out, crafted using a full carbon fiber composite. This material is globally acknowledged for its durability, lightweight nature, and strength. It ensures players enjoy the luxury of added length without feeling any notable weight difference. With each swing, the power and potential of the CCM Senior Black Stick End Plug become evident.

Adaptable Compatibility: The genius of the CCM Senior Black Stick End Plug lies not just in its perfect fit for senior CCM hockey sticks but also in its potential compatibility with sticks and shafts from various other brands. This adaptability emphasizes the product's forward-thinking design and our commitment to catering to a broad spectrum of hockey aficionados.

Perfected Weight and Balance: With a weight of just 29 grams (including glue), this Stick End Plug is a masterclass in balance and design. It has been meticulously calibrated to ensure players experience no imbalance or handling quirks, making it the go-to choice for serious players aspiring to amplify their on-ice performance.

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