Brians G-Netik V Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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  • Handcrafted Excellence: Exclusively crafted in Canada, the Brians G-Netik V Senior Goalie Leg Pads boast a perfect blend of tradition and modern innovation.
  • Dynamic Color Zones: Inspired by the G-Netik IV's success, the design showcases enhanced color zones and continuous leg lines, strategically engineered to divert shooters.
  • Cutting-Edge Torsion Flex Technology: Offers unparalleled responsiveness, molding to goalies' natural movements while maintaining rigidity for unmatched seal on the ice.
  • Elite-Level Recommendation: Perfect for professional players, these pads are designed for rigorous use, weighing in at an optimal balance for agility and stability.


As the seasons change and the ice gets colder, the competition heats up. And at the forefront of ice hockey evolution, the Brians G-Netik V Senior Goalie Leg Pads stand tall. These are not just any pads; they're a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection, built on feedback from pro players and avid consumers alike.

Legacy Meets Innovation: The comeback of the iconic "knee rolls" positions the G-Netik V as a hybrid style pad, blending traditional design with modern tech. By preserving the aesthetically pleasing look of the G-Netik IV, Brian's have integrated more color zones that serve a dual purpose - aesthetics and strategy, making it harder for opponents to target their shots.

Ultimate Protection and Flexibility: Internally, Brian's has revolutionized goalie equipment with their enhanced Torsion Flex technology. This unique innovation ensures that the pad seamlessly follows a goalie's every move, offering a harmonious balance between flexibility and rigidity. Add to that the Bri-Core triaxle carbon-fiber composite reinforcement, and you've got a pad that promises a tight seal, ensuring pucks stay out of the net.

Effortless Movement with Opti-Slide: Slide, glide, and stride effortlessly across the rink. The G-Netik V introduces the Opti-Slide inner edge, a marvel of engineering that combines a bindingless primo sliding surface with high-density foam, enabling goalies to experience the best slide around, enhancing their game and guarding their posts.

Customization and Comfort: It's not just about blocking shots; it's about doing it with comfort and style. The simplified Smart Strapping system is back by popular demand, offering unparalleled customization. From the large Y-shaped calf strap to the single strap at the knee, each element is tailored for the individual goalie. And with the introduction of the built-in tab for the professor strap, controlling pad rotation has never been easier.

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