Bauer Supreme S23 M5 PRO Junior Ice Hockey Gloves

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Sizing Guide: Measure the length of your hand from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Correspond your hand measurement to a glove size using the size chart below.


Bauer Glove Size Hand Length (CM)
Player Height (CM)
Player Age
Youth 8" 10.5 - 13 98 - 124 3 - 5
9" 11.5 - 14 114 - 140 5 - 7
Junior 10" 13 - 15.5 130 - 142 8 - 10
11" 14 - 16.5 140 - 152 10 - 11
Intermediate 12" 15.5 - 18 150 - 163 11 - 13
13" 16.5 - 19 165 - 175 13+
Senior 14" 18 - 20.5 170 - 180 13+
15" 19 - 22 175+ 13+

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.


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  • Innovative AMP Cuff: Enhances natural wrist movement for accurate shooting and superior puck control, without sacrificing protection.
  • Advanced Protection: Dual density foams with Hyperlite HD & PE inserts guard against game impacts, maintaining a lightweight feel for optimal performance.
  • ThermoMax+ Liner: Antimicrobial, moisture-wicking technology guarantees a clean, dry glove, boosting player comfort and confidence.
  • Ivory Pro Palm Design: Offers unparalleled feel and durability, equipped with stretch fit zones for uncompromising comfort during high-intensity play.
Featuring an anatomical fit profile, the M5 Pro allows for a more natural conforming fit throughout the hand
Thermo Max+
Ivory Pro Palm with full overlay


Unveiling the next stage in high-performance hockey gear: our latest Bauer Supreme M5 Pro gloves. Designed for the serious player, these gloves deliver on all fronts: protection, flexibility, durability, and most importantly, performance. Their state-of-the-art construction caters to the highest demands of the game, promising a remarkable synthesis of comfort and high-end functionality.

Firstly, the AMP Cuff is a notable upgrade in this line, giving the gloves an unmatched level of adaptability. This flexible cuff allows for more natural movement in the wrist when shooting and stickhandling, ensuring you stay agile and responsive. Even with such flexibility, it doesn't compromise on protection, providing a secure shield against potential injuries and impact.

The Advanced Protection system is another standout feature of these gloves. With dual density foams armed with Hyperlite HD & PE inserts, the gloves provide robust protection from slashes, pucks, and other harsh impacts of the game. Yet, they remain lightweight, ensuring agility isn't compromised, allowing players to move with speed and precision.

Designed with players' comfort in mind, the gloves incorporate the ThermoMax+ Liner. This unique liner is imbued with antimicrobial properties and offers superior moisture-wicking capabilities. This means you'll have a clean, dry glove every time you hit the ice, enhancing your comfort and enabling you to focus purely on your game.

The Ivory Pro Palm ensures an exceptional feel and solid durability. Designed with stretch fit zones, it enhances grip, enabling precise control while also keeping your hands comfortable, no matter how intense the game gets. The Junior version comes with a visually striking full overlay graphic, combining functionality with a sleek aesthetic.

Lastly, the Shot Boost Finger technology is worth noting. This feature allows for more energy transfer from the middle and ring fingers, providing optimized stick control when shooting. This design, carried over from our 2023 Supreme line, empowers players to deliver their best performance on the ice.

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