Bauer Supreme S22 MACH Senior Goalie Chest and Arm Protector

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  • Elite-Level Performance: Specifically designed for the advanced goalie playing several times a week, the Bauer Supreme S22 MACH Goalie Chest and Arm Protector offers superior protection without compromising mobility.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy: Weighing only 3,1 kg (Senior LG), it boasts unmatched weight distribution ensuring agility on the ice.
  • Advanced Material Combination: Utilizes ShockLite Foam, Rebound Control Foam, and Fused Composite material to provide optimal impact absorption and durability.
  • Unrivaled Mobility: Features the innovative AMP 2.0 Hinge Arm system, ensuring maximum coverage with every movement while preserving complete arm flexibility.


The Bauer Supreme S22 MACH Goalie Chest and Arm Protector is a revolutionary piece of equipment for the passionate goalie, embodying the perfect synergy of protection and freedom. Engineered with elite players in mind, this chest protector strikes a balance by offering an expansive coverage profile without restricting the player's range of motion. Goalies can now stretch, dive, and defend the net with newfound confidence, knowing they are shielded by the very best.

Innovation is at the heart of the Bauer Supreme S22 MACH. Its unique ShockLite Foam and Rebound Control Foam technology not only ensure maximum protection against fierce shots but also aid in controlling rebounds effectively. The sternum guard, constructed with Rebound Control Foam, excels in absorbing high-velocity puck impacts. Simultaneously, the belly blocks, made of Shock-Lite material, stand robust against those unpredictable lower shots, giving the goalie an unmatched shield.

Another standout feature is the AMP 2.0 Hinge Arm system, an enhancement of the renowned Active Motion Protection. With this cutting-edge design, the arm sections move in tandem with the player's natural movements, ensuring a seamless blend of protection and mobility. Further bolstering the arm protection is the Fused Curv Composite material that adorns the biceps and forearms, offering elite-level impact safeguarding.

Comfort and adaptability have also been central to the design ethos of the Bauer Supreme S22 MACH. The Molded Airflow system, combined with the ThermoCore Zero liner, works meticulously to manage sweat, prevent overheating, and ensure breathability. This intricate system allows the goalie to remain cool, calm, and composed, even in the most intense match situations.

Lastly, the Bauer Supreme S22 MACH Goalie Chest and Arm Protector isn't just about top-tier protection; it's about personalization. Packed with multiple adjustment points, from the collar to the backplate and even the connection to the goaltender’s pants, every player can tailor the fit to their exact preference. This adaptability ensures that every goalie, regardless of their playing style or physique, can benefit from the unparalleled protection and performance that the Bauer Supreme S22 MACH offers.

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