Bauer Supreme S22 M5 PRO Senior Goalie Glove Catcher

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11.5 - 14 3 - 6


14 - 16.5 7 - 12


15 - 18 12 - 14


18 - 21.5 13+

Sizing Guide!
Measure the distance from the middle finger tip to the bottom of your palm.

VAPOR Catchers are comfortable for FULL HAND CLOSURE; for more control.
SUPREME Catchers are comfortable for FINGERS to THUMB CLOSURE; for more coverage.

NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.

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  • Unmatched Control: Features the innovative Rebound Control Foam in the palm, allowing goalies to effortlessly capture blasts and keep the puck secure.
  • Instant Comfort: Comes with a pre-broken-in feel, coupled with a CatchGrip+ palm that ensures a silky-smooth touch, maximizing player comfort.
  • Superior Design: Boasts a redesigned strapping system with Range of Motion Strap, giving an unparalleled wrist movement without the need for a wrist strap.
  • Ideal for Serious Players: Designed for high-performance play, weighing in at 959 grams. Perfect for athletes playing multiple times a week.


The world of ice hockey is evolving, and so is the gear that accompanies it. Enter the Bauer Supreme S22 M5 PRO Goalie Glove Catcher. Crafted meticulously for the goalie who doesn't just play but lives the game, it offers unparalleled glove control. The magic lies in the Rebound Control Foam found snugly in the palm. This groundbreaking feature ensures that once the puck finds its way into your glove, it stays there, minimizing rebounds and amplifying your catch rate.

Comfort is paramount when you're on the ice, and the Bauer Supreme S22 doesn't disappoint. Right out of the box, it promises a worn-in feel, which is the dream of every goalie. The CatchGrip+ palm doesn't just add to the aesthetics but ensures that the glove feels ultra-smooth against the skin. This attention to detail makes it not just a piece of equipment but an extension of the player's hand.

A glove is only as good as its fit, and Bauer has reinvented how this goalie glove catcher wraps around your hand. Doing away with conventional wrist straps, the Range of Motion Strap holds a special place. This revolutionary design keeps your hand firm and snug, offering a fit so secure that it allows the wrist an astonishing range of motion. Your agility and speed in deflecting those unexpected shots will witness an impressive spike.

With the Curv Composite material reinforcing the cuff, the glove not only offers elite protection but also ensures the cuff retains its shape for extended periods. The 75-degree closure is a nod to those goalies who prefer a finger-to-thumb capture technique. The use of advanced materials like synthetic leather and durable nylon promises durability, making the Bauer Supreme S22 an investment in your sporting future.

Visually, the glove is a treat. Taking cues from its predecessors, the M5 PRO showcases sharp digital graphics reminiscent of the M5 Pro leg guards. The visuals are strategically divided into four zones, making it a perfect blend of form and function. The Catchgrip+ palm, along with the Rebound Control Foam and dual tee pocket, makes every catch look effortless. Add to that the Free-Flex backhand with Curve Composite technology, and you have a glove that moves with you, mirroring every twist and turn, solidifying Bauer's place as the undisputed leader in the ice hockey equipment realm.

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