Bauer Supreme S22 M5 PRO Intermediate Goalie Stick

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  • Ergo Geometry Design: A unique paddle shape, offering enhanced control against the body and deflections.
  • New AEROFOAM Bridge Core: A feather-light construction with heightened durability over its predecessor, Supreme 3S Pro.
  • TeXtreme Carbon Fiber Construction: Bauer's pinnacle material, boasting a 20% weight reduction and improved impact resistance.
  • Optimal Play Level: Ideal for Performance-level players, weighing at 670 grams and suited for those on ice 3-5 times a week.


Dive into a world of unparalleled prowess with the Bauer Supreme S22 M5 PRO Senior Goalie Stick. It's not just any goalie stick; it's a testament to engineering precision, innovation, and a deep understanding of what every hockey player craves on the ice.

Ergo Geometry Design is the soul of the Bauer Supreme M5 PRO. This distinctive design in the paddle offers goalies an unmatched degree of control, both against their body and when it comes to deflecting pucks. This innovation promises a heightened sense of connection between the goalie and their stick, making every save feel more intuitive and responsive.

The AEROFOAM Bridge Core pushes the boundaries of what's achievable in goalie stick construction. We've managed to lighten the load without compromising an ounce of durability, delivering improvements from its predecessor, the Supreme 3S Pro. For the goalie, this means quicker reflex saves, effortless handling, and an assurance that their stick will endure the rigors of intense gameplay.

When it comes to materials, our TeXtreme Carbon Fiber stands unrivaled. Proven to be 20% lighter and manage impact stresses 20% better than traditional carbon fibers, it epitomizes the advanced technology infused into this stick. Every save, every puck play feels remarkably balanced and imbued with confidence.

Bauer believes in delivering a holistic performance. So, beyond the revolutionary paddle, even the shaft of the M5 PRO boasts of excellence. Comprised of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber with a smooth matte grip finish, it promises superior puck handling, allowing goalies to play the puck as deftly as they save it.

In the game of hockey, every fraction of a second, every minute detail counts. The Bauer Supreme S22 M5 PRO Senior Goalie Stick encapsulates these nuances into a marvel of design and function. Elevate your game, embody performance, and let the Bauer Supreme be your trusted companion on the ice.

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