Bauer S23 GSX Junior Goalie Chest and Arm Protector

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  • High-Performance Design: The Bauer S23 GSX Goalie Chest and Arm Protector is perfectly crafted for recreational level goalies, blending traditional and innovative elements.
  • Enhanced Lightweight Construction: 5% lighter than its predecessor, this protector ensures swift movements and agility on the ice, ideal for players of recreational level and those playing up to three times a week.
  • Dynamic Adjustability: Featuring Velcro arm adjustments and full adjustability on shoulders and floaters, it promises a snug and personalized fit. Weighs only 2,2 kg for optimal comfort.
  • Superior Protection & Comfort: From a floating sternum for impact absorption to HyperSense liner in the elbows, it's the epitome of protection meets comfort.


The Bauer S23 GSX Goalie Chest and Arm Protector is not just another piece of hockey equipment – it’s a game-changer. For those who breathe, eat, and live the excitement of ice hockey, this gear promises to elevate your game, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. For the goalie who is eager to leave a mark, this chest and arm protector ensures that you’re not just safe, but also swift and agile.

One of the standout features of this product is its lightweight construction. Weighing 5% lighter than its predecessor, every element of its design works in tandem to ensure you can make those split-second decisions without any hindrance. Whether you're entering or exiting the crouch position, the improved belly wrap system ensures better integration with the pants, so nothing holds you back.

But agility shouldn’t come at the cost of protection. The Bauer S23 GSX promises full-body protection with its dual density foam belly blocks, the floating sternum, and the Comfort Edge shoulder floaters. Each feature is meticulously designed to absorb impact, keeping you safe in the fiercest of games. The dynamic 3 point flex design of the arm floaters at the elbow, coupled with a 3-layer molded protection foam in the bicep and forearm, ensures that every part of your upper body is shielded from potential injuries.

A great protector is one that fits like it's an extension of yourself. With Velcro arm adjustments and the capability to adjust both the shoulders and floaters fully, this gear promises to fit you like a glove. Every player is unique, and we recognize that. Thus, the emphasis on adjustability ensures that regardless of your build, the protector will sit comfortably, allowing you to focus on the game.

Lastly, comfort is paramount. Playing a fierce game of hockey is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. With features like the HyperSense liner in the elbows and the Thermomax liner around the spine, this chest and arm protector doesn’t just guard – it pampers. Every moment you spend on the ice will be a blend of exhilaration and assurance, knowing you're protected by the best.

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