Bauer S21 PRO Intermediate Goalie Skates

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Bauer Size Length in CM SHOE SIZE
Yth 6
14.5 23.5 Yth 7 Yth 6.5
Yth 7
15.2 25 Yth 8 Yth 7.5
Yth 8 16.2 26 Yth 9 Yth 8.5
Yth 9 17.0 27 Yth 10 Yth 9.5
Yth 9.5 17.4 27.5 Yth 10.5 Yth 10
Yth 10 17.8 28 Yth 11 Yth 10.5
Yth 10.5 18.3 28.5 Yth 11.5 Yth 11
Yth 11 18.7 29.5 Yth 12 Yth 11.5
Yth 11.5 19.1 30 Yth 12.5 Yth 12
Yth 12 19.5 31 Yth 13 Yth 12.5
Yth 12.5 19.9 31.5 Yth 13.5 Yth 13
Yth 13 20.3 32 1.0 Yth 13.5
Yth 13.5 20.7 33 1.5 1.0



Bauer Size Length in CM SHOE SIZE
1 21.0 33.5 2 1.5
1.5 21.4 34 2.5 2
2 21.8 35 3 2.5
2.5 22.2 35.5 3.5 3
3 22.6 36 4 3.5
3.5 23.1 36.5 4.5 4
23.5 37.5 5 4.5
23.9 38 5.5 5
24.3 38.5 6 5.5
24.7 39 6.5 6


NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.
D & EE - The letter describes how wide the skate are, EE is wider than D.

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  • StanceFlex Pro Technology: Flexibility up top with unbeatable stability below for game-changing pushes.
  • Elite Performance: Designed for pro-level players, ideal for intense gameplay 4-6 times a week.
  • Lightweight Excellence: Weighing only 883 grams (Size 9), ensuring swift and agile movements.
  • Curv Composite Boot: Industry-leading durability, molding capabilities, and supreme comfort.


Unmatched Mobility with StanceFlex Pro: The Bauer S21 PRO Goalie Skates are not just another pair of ice skates; they're an athlete's dream come true. Featuring the groundbreaking StanceFlex Pro technology, these skates offer unparalleled flexibility in the upper portion while providing uncompromised stability down low. Whether you're darting across the rink or holding firm against intense offensive plays, the skates move with you, maximizing your power and precision with every push.

Curv Composite Boot - The Future of Fit and Comfort: Dive deep into unparalleled comfort and fit with the Carbon Curv Composite boot, accompanied by Bauer's advanced Stanceflex Pro construction. This boot is not just about performance; it’s about the synergy of durability, heat molding capabilities, and relentless comfort. As a goalie, foot comfort can make or break a game, and the Curv Composite boot ensures you’re always on the winning side.

Elite-Level Agility with LS5G Runner: Elevate your game with the LS5G runners boasting the exclusive AGILITY profile. Straight out of the box, they offer a smooth weight transfer, granting goalies unbeatable stability in the blue paint and unmatched power in cross-crease pushes. The "rockered" 10-foot radius at the toe is crafted meticulously, making rotations into a stop seamless and enhancing skating agility both in and outside the crease. Plus, the carbon-coated finish promises extended sharpening life and resistance to wear and tear.

Innovative Design Fusing Vapor and Supreme: The Bauer S21 PRO Goalie Skates are an embodiment of innovation, drawing the finest qualities from the iconic Vapor and Supreme goalie skates. This combination results in exceptional flexibility up top and rock-solid stability down below. The post-baking blend of Curv Composite boot, Aerofoam Pro ankle padding, and low-profile tongue promises an unparalleled performance trifecta: elite performance, impeccable fit, and untouchable comfort.

Durable, Comfortable, Reliable: Every inch of the Bauer S21 PRO Goalie Skates screams quality. From the unwaxed pro laces ensuring durability to the Lock Fit Pro with HyperSense lining material promising superior comfort, these skates are built to last. The AeroFoam Pro ankle padding combined with the Comfort Edge collar padding ensures that goalies can focus on the game without any distractions. Trust in the Bauer legacy, and let the Bauer S21 PRO Goalie Skates elevate your gameplay to unimaginable heights.

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