Bauer Nexus S18 2N PRO Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

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Sizing Guide: Measure the length of your hand from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Correspond your hand measurement to a glove size using the size chart below.


Bauer Glove Size Hand Length (CM)
Player Height (CM)
Player Age
Youth 8" 10.5 - 13 98 - 124 3 - 5
9" 11.5 - 14 114 - 140 5 - 7
Junior 10" 13 - 15.5 130 - 142 8 - 10
11" 14 - 16.5 140 - 152 10 - 11
Intermediate 12" 15.5 - 18 150 - 163 11 - 13
13" 16.5 - 19 165 - 175 13+
Senior 14" 18 - 20.5 170 - 180 13+
15" 19 - 22 175+ 13+

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.


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  • Bauer Nexus 2N Hockey Gloves: The latest edition of the longest running glove design from Bauer, providing traditional fit and style.
  • 4-Roll Design: Ensures protection, comfort, and style with upgrades in technologies to keep up with today's game.
  • Dual Density Foam with Poly Inserts: Located on the backhand and fingers, with a 3-piece FLEX-LOCK thumb for pro-level protection.
  • 37.5 Technology Liner with Sanitized Technology: Offers increased comfort and feel throughout the glove, ensuring freshness and longevity.


The Bauer Nexus 2N Hockey Gloves are the perfect amalgamation of tradition and innovation. Bauer brings you the latest edition of its longest-running glove design, seamlessly blending familiar comfort with cutting-edge technology. Built for the modern game but grounded in a classic design, the Nexus 2N gloves appeal to hockey players of all levels who appreciate the synergy of form and function.

These gloves are built with a 4-Roll Design, a traditional yet timeless setup that ensures the optimal balance of protection, comfort, and style. This feature has been a staple in hockey gloves for generations and continues to stand the test of time. With the Nexus 2N, Bauer has introduced significant upgrades in technologies to keep pace with the speed, intensity, and precision of today's game.

The Dual Density Foam with Poly Inserts on the backhand and fingers, along with a 3-piece FLEX-LOCK thumb, guarantees pro-level protection. These features are designed to guard against impacts without compromising mobility, ensuring players can make those split-second decisions and intricate maneuvers with confidence.

Bauer has taken comfort to the next level with the Nexus 2N gloves. The glove incorporates a wide, adjustable cuff that allows players to customize the fit around their wrists. Whether you prefer a tighter fit for enhanced stability or a looser one for greater flexibility, these gloves adapt to your unique needs and preferences.

Finally, what sets the Bauer Nexus 2N hockey gloves apart is the state-of-the-art 37.5 Technology Liner with Sanitized Technology. This innovative lining enhances the overall comfort and feel of the gloves, maintaining a dry, cozy environment for your hands throughout the game. The Sanitized Technology prevents the buildup of bacteria, keeping the gloves fresh and increasing their lifespan.

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