CCM TACKS AS-V Junior Ice Hockey Shin Guards

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CCM Shin Guard Size
Tibia Length (cm)
Height (cm)
Youth 8" 20 - 23 102 - 112
9" 23 - 25 112 - 122
10" 25 - 28 122 - 132
Junior 11" 28 - 30 132 - 142
12" 30 - 33 142 - 152
13" 33 - 36 152 - 163
Senior 14" 36 - 38 163 - 173
15" 38 - 41 173 - 183
16" 41 - 43 183 - 193
17" 43 - 46 193+

Sitting at a 90-degree angle with skates on your feet, measure from the center of your kneecap to the center of the outer ankle.

Ensure that the knee sits directly in the center of the padded knee cup. This will ensure the knee pads align correctly with the knee cap.

If the shin pad is too small, the strapping may restrict circulation and also leave exposed areas to slashes and other impacts. If the shin pad is too large, protection will be compromised by the shin pad moving up and down, or rotating away from the knee cap and shin.


NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.

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  • D30 smart material: The Shin Guards feature revolutionary lightweight impact absorption, ideal for serious players using them 4-6 times a week.
  • Anatomical shield design: In the Shin Guards, enhanced protection meets a tailored fit, combining superior quality with player-centric engineering.
  • Adjustable dual calf strap & Hyper X lock strap: The Shin Guards ensure a secure fitment that elevates performance, perfect for frequent play.
  • Removable liner & detachable lower pad: Within the Shin Guards, experience customizable fitment, designed for both "tongues in" and "tongues out" styles, suitable for players of every level.
Removeable liner and detachable lower pad for a custom fit, D30 smart material, anatomical shield design
AdaptFit, Removable, Sublimated
Knee Cap
Molded Plastic, JDP Technology
Strapping System
Adjustable dual calf strap & padded Hyper X lock strap


In the highly competitive realm of ice hockey, the Shin Guards have emerged as a beacon of superior design and unmatched performance. Every component, from material selection to ergonomic structure, is meticulously crafted to enhance a player's edge on the ice.

Central to the Shin Guards' prowess is the inclusion of the D30 smart material. This innovative substance showcases the future of protective gear. While in its resting state, D30's unique molecular structure allows it to remain soft and flexible. However, upon impact, a remarkable transformation occurs. The molecules lock together, dissipating the blow's energy, significantly reducing the force transmitted to the player's body. This dynamic responsiveness ensures maximum protection during those intense moments on the ice.

The anatomical shield design of the Shin Guards is a testament to their bespoke quality. This isn't mere protection; it's about ensuring a glove-like fit. Such a fit does more than just protect—it amplifies mobility, allowing for swift and fluid movements. In the high-stakes world of ice hockey, where every move can be game-changing, these shin guards prove to be an invaluable ally.

True to its pedigree, the Shin Guards incorporate the adjustable dual calf strap and the Hyper X lock strap for an unparalleled fit. This adjustability guarantees that the guard remains steadfast, even in the most grueling conditions. Players can immerse themselves in the thrill of the chase, secure in the knowledge that their gear will not let them down.

Customization is often the reserve of the elite, but with the Shin Guards, it's accessible to all. The removable liner and detachable lower pad empower players to personalize their gear according to their unique style. Whether you prefer your shin guard over the skate tongue or beneath it, these guards adapt seamlessly.

Investing in the Shin Guards is more than just a purchase; it's a commitment to excellence. It's a nod to passion, skill, and the unyielding spirit of competition. For when the stakes are high and the ice is slick, with these shin guards, players can confidently say, "Bring it on!"

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