CCM JetSpeed FT4 PRO Junior Ice Hockey Shoulder pads

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The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Shoulder Pads Junior are designed to provide elite-level players with the protection, mobility, and comfort they need to perform at the highest levels. 


Construction - Amplified Mobility Design With Molded ZoteFoam
Maximum lightweight full exposed foam-only design is optimized to protect elite players, while staying dry and light throughout the game. Low profile fit is close to the body and provides superior freedom of movement.

Caps - Ultra Light U-Foam Shoulder Caps
Pro-level protection made from an incredibly light and extremely durable EPP core.

Torso - Premier Vented ZoteFoam Flex Motion Base Jacket + Removable Belly Pad
Pro-level protection that moves with you and helps to keep you safe while being as light as air, from your first to your last shift. Adjustable extra coverage is made possible with the extended belly pad as needed.

Biceps - HD Molded Foam + Length Adjustment
Lightweight custom comfort fit with an elite level of protection

Sternum/Spine - New Hybrid Shield Sternum & Spine + Neck Comfort Pad
Structural shield combines hard HDPE plastic with high-density PE foam for lightweight high caliber protection.

No Liner - Stay Dry Design
Unique liner-free design allows the closed cell ZoteFoam to do its job by not absorbing sweat. Now you stay dry and your equipment stays light, so you can do what you do best.

Clavicle - Floating Clavicle Coverage With HD Molded Foam
Impressive clavicle coverage that wont weigh you down.


Amplified Mobility Design
These new tapered designs have been optimized to provide the ultimate range of movement while featuring specs and technology to help keep you safe from impacts. Move at your top speed without being weighed down.

New lightweight amplified mobility designs offer a tapered fit to follow your Jetspeed fast moves without weighing you down.

Instant comfort right off the shelf to give you that already broken-in feeling players love.

Updated new styling you will be proud to show off in the locker room and be confident will protect you when they try to chase you.

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CCM Pad Size Chest (cm)
Height (cm)
Youth S - 58 102 - 109
M 58 - 64 102 - 122
L 60 - 70 117 - 127
Junior S
60 - 76 127 - 137
67 - 81 137 - 147
75 - 89 147 - 157
Senior S 86 - 97 157 - 168
M 94 - 104 168 - 178
L 102 - 112 178 - 188
XL 109 - 122 183+

Sizing Guide:
Measure the circumference of your chest roughly 3cm below the armpit using a soft measuring tape, string, or shoelace. Correspond your chest measurement to a pad size using the table below.
Also take into consideration the level of play. Shoulder pads should fit snugly while the vital tips of the shoulder must be properly under the shoulder caps. The bicep pads should not interfere with the player’s elbow pads.

Depending upon the style of the shoulder pad, the gap between the bottom of the shoulder pad and top of the pants may vary. This gap does not necessarily mean the shoulder pad is incorrectly fitting.


NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.