CCM AXIS 2 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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The game of ice hockey is as intense as it gets, and every player knows the importance of having the right equipment. Enter the CCM AXIS 2 Goalie Leg Pads, where design meets innovation at its best.

Advanced Protection with DRS PRO: Ice hockey doesn’t show mercy, but with the CCM AXIS 2, you won't need it to. The Dynamic Response System (DRS PRO) ensures superior protection with a one-piece landing zone. Its hyper-absorbent knee stack construction is specially designed to offer enhanced shielding from repeated impact. Move with confidence, direct play powerfully, and keep the momentum going, save after save.

Innovative LITEXCORE™ with MAX REBOUND+ Technology: The core of the CCM AXIS 2 Goalie Leg Pads is nothing short of revolutionary. With the incorporation of LITEXCORE™, players experience an extremely lightweight core that doesn’t compromise on power. Combined with the MAX REBOUND+ Technology, these leg pads promise incredibly potent rebounds, helping you turn defensive plays into offensive opportunities.

Quick Motion Strap System 2: Being swift and agile on the ice is a game-changer. The CCM AXIS 2 focuses on butterfly biomechanics, ensuring that your body moves cohesively and quickly with every pad rotation. The leg channel's strategic strapping, including the molded upper calf strap, guarantees optimal leg positioning and seamless pad rotation.

Superior Comfort and Fit: Comfort is non-negotiable when you're in the game. The CCM AXIS 2 is equipped with an open cradle with a removable knee cradle wrap. This design not only offers optimal interaction and performance with knee pads but also ensures that you're comfortable throughout the game. The boot, with its 90-degree angle and shallow channel, provides an enhanced range of motion, making those power pushes even more effective.

State-of-the-Art Materials and Construction: The quality of material in your equipment can make or break your game. With the CCM AXIS 2, there’s no compromise. SpeedSkin external material, 3 leg attachment straps of type QMSS2, and the Bungee Toe Strap ensure not only durability but also agility. The innovative HD raised flat inside edge design maximizes seal and stability, allowing for powerful cross crease movements, ensuring you're always on top of your game.

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